Japanese Beer

Otaru Beer Otaru Ale (Hokkaido)

Ale beer made from malt that has been fermented at high temperatures has a fruity aroma and taste. It is a bit richer than a lager, but it is milder and easier to drink than darker.
Amber is a very flavorful bottle that ticks beer lovers.


Shiga Kogen Beer IPA (Nagano)

It is made in the traditional style of India Pale Ale, and the major feature is that it introduces a large amount of hops to increase bitterness. A 100% malt beer hand-made using the spring water of Shiga Kogen and carefully selected ingredients.


Swan Lake Porter (Niigata)

British black beer with creamy foam, savory taste and bitterness. The sweetness and bitterness of roasted malts and hops, as well as the fruity flavors, combine to create a complex and attractive flavor.


Draft Beer & Beer Cocktails

Red Wine

Millesime Grenache Syrah

Imported in a vacuum tank from the internationally acclaimed Bodegas Breca, bottled in Japan. High-quality flavor with rich fruit, high acidity and beautiful balance. (Glass 800 yen)


Deesa La Granja (Spain)

One tasteful bottle by a Spanish wine master. Abundant tannins with a rich expression show the perfect balance between the taste of powerfully concentrated fruits and the taste.


Mount Hermon Indigo (Israel)

Selexion Mondial de Van Canada 2017 Gold Award Winner (2015 vintage). Medium body full of flavor with silky texture and nuances of tea. Hollywood actor Kevin Costner's favorite wine.


Yarden Pinot Noir (Israel)

It is not Pinot of Europe or Pinot of New Continent, taste of deep Pinot Noir only in Israel. Elegant and savory medium body.


Russian River Valley Zinfandel (California)

Hartford Winery is renowned as a White House Warrant Winery. Elegant and rich taste with silky texture. Clinton, Hillary's favorite wine.


White Wine

Millesime Sauvignon Blanc

A blend of the highest quality grapes grown in the very famous Bordeaux fields. It has a condensed taste reminiscent of ripe fruit, filled with beautiful acid, and has a rich aroma of white peach, lychee, and verbena flowers.


Yarden Chardonnay (Israel)

Israeli Chardonnay was adopted by JAL's First Class Lounge. An extremely rich, full-bodied, dry white flavored with oak-derived vanilla and butter.


Russian River Valley Chardonnay (California)

White Howe A brilliant, fresh flavor with a rich and varied look. A rich but elegant finish with a good balance of acid and minerals. It was also adopted by ANA International First Class.


Lange Chardonnay Bussia Doll (Italy)

A. Conterno reigns at the top of Barolo, called the "king of wine." This exceptional white wine, produced in small quantities only by carefully selected Chardonnay, is said to be a "phantom Chardonnay". It is hard to get wine. Full body rich taste.



Wine Cocktails