Original Cocktails

Plenty of mint mojito

Exhilarating mojito using fresh mint in luxury.


Matcha chocolate martini

Sweet and bittersweet bitter adult dessert martini using matcha and cacao.


Grated ginger moscomule

Raw ginger grated on the spot, accented with black pepper, very spicy moscomule.


Ginger bag of homemade ginger

A spicy and sweet gin buckwheat with original syrup in which ginger and some spices are carefully cooked.


Brad Caesar of Wasabi and Dashi Soy Sauce

Japanese-style bloody Caesar made with wasabi sashimi, dashi soy sauce flavor, and clam extract tomato.


Adult Afogard -Espresso-

A dessert cocktail with a rich espresso and a vanilla shake made with rum.


Tiramisu cocktail of black honey and matcha

Dessert cocktail using black honey and matcha in cream cheese, espresso, cacao, rum.


Seasonal fruit cocktail

Fresh fruit cocktail using seasonal fruits.
Ask the staff for today's fruit.


Standard Cocktails

Japanese Craft GIN


Base spirits use rice spirits made from rice. It is a premium gin with a luxurious flavor created by 11 kinds of herbs, such as gyokuro and yuzu, with the sweet scent and rounded taste unique to rice.


Coffey gin

Caffeine with a rich rich sweetness derived from cereals and a mild aftertaste.
The fragrance of Japanese pepper, which has a tinge of blue, and the fragrance of soft Japanese citrus, such as citron and sweet summer, are effective.



In addition to the eight types of traditional gin botanicals, six types of botanicals unique to Japan (Sakuraka, Sakuraba, Sencha, Gyokuro, Sansho and Yuzu) are used. It brings out the scent of cherry blossoms, the fresh flavor of yuzu and tea, and the spicyness of the pepper that you can feel in the aftertaste.


Okinawan gin

Awamori-like unique sweetness, rich taste, complex taste with botanical flavor. Botanicals use juniper berries, shikuwasa, bitter gourd, guava leaves, roselles (Hibiscus sp.), And pipers (hihatsmodoki).