Happy Hour

Every day, 2 hours from 17:00 to 19:00, happy hour, drinks and meals are offered at low prices. Happy Hour’s lineup is rich in sake, beer, wine, sparkling wine, whiskey and about 10 meals. In addition, customers entering the store at this time will not be charged.
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We offer a variety of “original cocktails” that express our concept using Japanese ingredients, “fresh fruit cocktails” using seasonal fruits, and basic “standard cocktails”.
In addition, our shop has abundant “Japanese craft GIN” which is attracting attention in the world.
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Beer & Wine

In addition to the draft “Sapporo Raw”,there are 10 types of craft beers from all over Japan.
Tastes are also available in various lineups, centering on slightly rare brands that are not so well distributed in the city center.
There are about 4 types of wine, red and white, each carefully selected.

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Sake & Shochu

In our shop, we also offer “Sake” which is not often placed in the BAR. “Sake” was indispensable to enjoy Japanese-style atmosphere and Japanese-based cuisine more. Please choose your favorite taste from 12 kinds of sake, such as fruity Daiginjo and pure rice sake that tastes rice.
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“Japanese whiskey”, which is one of our concepts, is a full lineup. Aged whiskeys and limited bottles that are difficult to obtain, and domestic craft whiskeys delivered from a new distillery in Japan.
We also offer a number of standard international whiskeys such as scotch, bourbon and Irish.
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